Common Core, The Controversy – Instruction or Indoctrination

The Common Core Educational Curriculum will be a FEDERALLY mandated program attempting to fit every single child, Nationwide, into the same box. Local schools and communities will LOSE control of their own systems. Find out more July 30th.

Common Core – The Controversy – Instruction or Indoctrination

Tuesday July 30 at 7:00 pm

Easley First Wesleyan Church 104 West 6th Ave Easley, SC 29640


Directions to the MeetingFrom Pickens take route 8 south to Easley.  Turn left on West 6th Ave and go about two blocks to the Easley First Wesleyan Church.   From Liberty take highway 93.  When you reach Easley bear right then left onto Ross Ave. Turn left on Hwy. 8. Then turn right onto W. 6th. Go about two blocks to the church.  From Clemson take 123 to the Hwy. 8 exit in Easley.  Turn left at bottom of ramp, go to W. 7th Ave. and turn left.  Go to S. 3rd and turn Right.  Go one block and the Church will be directly in front of you.  From Greenville, take 123 all the way through Easley to the Hwy. 8 exit, and turn right.  Go to W. 7th Ave and turn LEFT.  Go to S. 3rd St. and turn RIGHT.  Go one block and the church will be directly in front of you.


Common Core - We hear about it everywhere, meetings taking place and articles written in papers coast to coast, north to south.  There seems to be no middle ground, once people learn about it they are either for or against, there is very little middle ground.  But what is it exactly?  What is its real purpose?  Truthfully, I don’t know.  I’ve heard everything from it being the federal government’s solution for a failing education system unable to prepare our students to compete in a global environment to it being a part of UN Agenda 21 designed to indoctrinate our children to become dumbed down worker bees for a new global government.  I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in between, but where?  How shall our youth be taught in our schools and under whose direction?  When the other sections on history and civics are released will our country be changed forever?  Maybe we can find out at our meeting, dig out at least part of the truth so we are able to make intelligent decisions.  Be prepared to participate and learn from experts on both sides of the issue.  The truth is out there, it’s our duty as citizens to find it.

Presented by Pickens County Taxpayers Asociation

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Dennis Reinert

President, Pickens County Taxpayers Association

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Zoe Brown July 16, 2013 at 12:31 AM
You seem like a nice enough person Mr Reinert and I am sure you are working hard to do your best, but your leadership team needs to do some self reflection. 3yrs is a long time for anyone to run any organization (think term-limits), and I bet some of the others have been in charge longer than that. The organization does not belong to you, and you have a fiduciary responsibility to both members and the public to be effective, professional and consistently transparent.
DReinert July 16, 2013 at 09:29 PM
Well Zoe, you are entitled to your opinions, same as anyone else. You still failed to post anything from the PCTA stating our position one way or the other on Common Core. Of course Common Core has been discussed by our membership and board, it's an important issue to the community. But we quickly discovered that there is too much misinformation and confusion to take a position, thus, the purpose of this meeting which, unlike other meetings which present only one side of the issue, has representatives from both sides. There being no position at this time, I fail to see your point. How can we have a biased debate when we have no position to begin with, and where have you seen an actual debate giving opportunity to both sides of the issue at one time? Perhaps you're looking for something that's simply not there, or you have pre-conceived notions which you can't get over. Now Zoe, allow me to quote you. "By the way, even if one day they decided to bring in someone to present different ideas, where would they get somebody dumb enough to trust them or stupid enough to waste time with nothing to gain but being associated with people that are against everything and open to nothing. Trying to present a logical, well thought-out counter-argument to one of their agendas would be like kicking over a dead skunk in the road to talk it into weighing out the benefits of not rotting. Skunk-talkers and anybody brought in by the PC Taxpayer Association leadership to bring different views or engage the PC Taxpayer Association will probably end up the same way: either covered in something you can't wash off or blind-sided in the middle of trying. " Seriously Zoe, think about it, what kind of response did you expect? I used venomous, but perhaps you can describe your statements in a more pleasant term. There is obviously nothing I or anyone can say which would have any impact on your opinion, or your seeming dislike for our conservative representatives on the school board. As I invited you previously, I will do it again, feel free to attend the meeting. You did bring up something new, I believe this is the first time I've ever been accused of being a liberal. Are you saying that as some kind of insult?
JJR July 21, 2013 at 04:54 PM
The leaders of PCTA are elected by the members at a members meeting...they are not appointed. You can even nominate yourself Zoe.
Em Wilson August 01, 2013 at 11:14 AM
I'd love to hear how the 7/30/13 Common Core Curriculum informational meeting went!
JS August 01, 2013 at 11:41 AM
Em, I am so glad you said something. The meeting went extremely well. Easley First Wesleyan Church was packed! In addition, 344 people watched live on line. The complete, unedited event is now available to view on demand. It lasted just over 2 hours, and here is the link to the program. If this does not show as a link, just copy and paste it in your web browser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7shOIN377Q


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