Gov. Nikki Haley: Romney Can Still Win Women Voters

South Carolina governor says that by Election Day, women are "going to be on board" with GOP candidate.

TAMPA, Florida — It would be easy to look at the gender gap between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, and conclude the Republican has little chance of gaining more support among women.

After all, a Gallup poll released days ago shows that Obama's lead over Romney among women is 8 percentage points — a sizable gap that remains the same as it did four months ago.

But on the eve of the Republican convention in Tampa, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Sunday she believes Romney still has a chance to swing women to his side.

"The more women find out about Governor Romney, the more women are going to get on board with Governor Romney," she told Patch on Sunday.

"Once they see Ann and Mitt Romney for the family that they are, for the leaders that they are, what their vision is for this country, they're going to be on board."

And while the November election is just 10 weeks away, Haley isn't concerned that more women haven't come around to Romney.

"Woman take their time to make decisions, and we're going to give them that time to do that," she said. "I have great faith in the fact that women will make a good decision, and I believe that's going to be with Mitt Romney."

Democrats have taken the Republicans to task for the so-called "war on women," and targeted the GOP's position on contraception, abortion and other social issues.

But Haley, , describes the focus on such social issues as a "distraction."

"Women care about everything. The care about jobs, they care about the economy, they care about health care, they care about their families," she said.

"That's what this presidential race is going to mean for women. It's the entire package and how is this going to affect my family, and how is it going to affect our future going forward," Haley said. "And when they see that, I'm firmly convinced they will go with Mitt and Ann Romney.

"I think the Democrats are doing what they do well, that is to distract," she said. "The more they can distract from President Obama's record, the less anybody will realize what a failure his administration has been... I think women and men are much smarter than that. It's not going to work."

Heather August 28, 2012 at 01:29 AM
This SC woman will NOT vote for a party that is trying to change laws about abortion. A Spartanburg woman was rapped today. There are NO abortion clinics in Spartanburg. I hope this woman does not become pregnant with her rapists baby. http://www.goupstate.com/article/20120827/ARTICLES/120829727/1083/ARTICLES?Title=Man-forces-way-into-apartment-sexually-assaults-Spartanburg-Co-woman
stanley seigler August 28, 2012 at 05:50 AM
@Ken Young: '...You need to remember...' you need to remember you need 60 senate votes to control the senate and the control of the house (2009-10) was used to pass BO-care...since 2010 the GOP house has had one job: 'block BO.' par not what most Americans want...surely you do not mean americans do not want quality equal to and cheaper than most western industrialized countries. it's hard to believe you want to repeal BO-care...ie, repeal health care for some 40 million americans, increase drug cost to seniors, kick kids off their parents insurance plan, etc... GOPs passed the Civil Rights Act...now i know you are not serious...as you know The Act was pushed through and signed into law by LBJ, who would later sign the landmark Voting Rights Act into law...DEMs controlled house and senate 1961-67. OK it did receive support of most GOPs...where are these GOPs today...any information on GOP support of social security, medicare and BO-care...BTW the southern DEMs who opposed civil rights morphed into the T-GOPs. re: 22% Bain Companies filing for bankruptcy or liquidating... agree this failure rate, in general, is about right...at least closer to the truth than mitt's 5% for bain... re: The poor have a safety net with government programs...it's pretty good for free. so you and MITT are not concerned with the very poor...they have it good enough..not hardly. re: the National Dept to 16 trillion...etcetc see reg's comments
Dr. John August 28, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Stanley, Social Security, Medicare were originally disliked by a majority of americans when first passed. Most of them thought they could manage their healthcare and retirement better than the government could (Look at the debt these programs are in now). Civil rights, as you know, was passed by a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats. Democrats were also the ones turning the fire hoses and dogs on the black people as well as refusing their entry into colleges and other schools. Your history on civil rights is surely misguided. Just ask "chains" Biden.
stanley seigler August 28, 2012 at 01:56 PM
@Dr John as we all know: 'In 1964, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, 258-177 in the House, and 67-33 in the Senate. The House passed the Civil Rights Act 290-130, and the Senate passed it 73-27. I think where I was going here is to prove that at least some Republicans voted for it, since there were more votes than the total number of Democrats' http://lookontherightside.blogspot.com/2009/03/who-passed-1964-civil-rights-act.html what happened to the 1960 GOPs...mccain got 4% of the Black vote and 2012 polls show 0% of the Blacks will vote for MITT...vice compromising to advance our country...current GOPs JOB #1 is BLOCK BO... opine: GOPs pandered to the racists and morphed into the 1960 racist southern DEMs... thank God for LBJ who told sen richard russell (LBJ's mentor and lead DEM opposition to civil rights), "dick get in my way on this legislation and i will run over you..." who passed social security, medicare...originally the majority opposed the concepts...the legislation was opposed by the GOPs... believe the GOPs learned and now want to 'save' the progressive social security and medicare programs...party rhetoric aside; it's difficult to distinguish the difference in GOP and DEM positions... perhaps GOPs will heed the 1929/2008 lessons that unregulated free markets dont work and the 1%:99% divide aint right...and then in another day will embrace 'choice' and the LGBT community...it takes time for conservatives to progress...
reg August 28, 2012 at 02:14 PM
say, Ducktor, can you provide us a source for your social security and medicare "were originally disliked by a majority of Americans" comment? Your "passed by a higher percentage" of Republicans is true; in fact, one GOP senator (Dirksen of Illinois) did more for it in the senate than any Dem did. The difference was what called itself the "Southern Bloc" - Dems from southern states, who only affiliated with that party to avoid any associated with the Yankee party of Abe Lincoln. Don't forget their segue into the Dixiecrats, either. Those Southern Bloc Dixiecrats later either retired or joined the GOP. To be honest, I don't think those particular folks were dems or republicans - they were just politicians who joined up with whatever party they thought would get them elected. And today? That's what the GOP is full of - especially here in SC.


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