Something Incredible Happened

One man's vision became a reality, and profits were raised for local schools

By Henry H. Hunt, Ph.D., Superintendent

Almost six months ago, Roy Costner approached me about Pickens County Has Talent. He envisioned a county-wide event that would raise money for our schools and pull our communities together. His vision became reality, and over $10,000 in profits will go directly to our schools.

From the inception, throughout the preliminary events and then at the final show on February 25, Roy was the driving force. I sincerely appreciate him. He donated his time, his talents and his resources to make Pickens County Has Talent a success.

I also want our school administrators to know how much I appreciate them. They spent countless hours recruiting volunteers, promoting the shows and assisting at events. They did all of these things on top of their school and family responsibilities.

I especially want to express my gratitude to the principals who hosted events at their schools – Dr. Tim Mullis at Easley High; Mr. Gary Culler at Edwards Middle; Mrs. Sharon Huff at Daniel High; Mrs. Lori Gwinn at Liberty High; and Mr. Marion Lawson at Pickens High.

Many, many volunteers also contributed throughout the event. Thank you to each one who stepped forward to contribute time, talent and resources.

In each Pickens County Has Talent news release, Roy always included these words: “Together, we can do something incredible for our children, our schools, our businesses and our communities. Be a part of something extraordinary!”
Roy’s vision, commitment and leadership have made something incredible happen. We are extremely grateful to him and to everyone who contributed to Pickens County Has Talent.


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